Reel Change III: Flashbacks and Coming Attractions (paperback)
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Reel Change III: Flashbacks and Coming Attractions (paperback)

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Reel Change III: Flashbacks and Coming Attractions

by Bill Mesce, Jr.


398 pages

6x9 size

ISBN 9798887713977 


There are movie-goers, movie fans, and movie lovers.  REEL CHANGE III is for all three.

For the passively curious to the die-hard deep divers, REEL CHANGE offers looks into and behind the magic of what's on the big and little screen.  There are farewells to icons like James Caan and Ray Liotta, X-ray examinations of the inner changes in a business that almost overnight has become dominated by streaming, and retrospective looks at the movies well-remembered (Planet of the Apes, Titanic) as well as those overlooked and unjustly forgotten like those in 1973, a year overstuffed with classics like American Graffiti art house gems like Badlands.

After REEL CHANGE III, the next time you park yourself in a theater seat or in front of your TV, your eyes will be a little wider and you'll see a little more.


“Bill Mesce Jr. has created another treasure chest of interesting movie and TV articles.  The lucky readers who open this third wonderful collection will be entertained and enlightened from beginning to end. What fun!” 

  • Betty Jo Tucker, film critic and award-winning author of Confessions of a Movie Addict, Susan Sarandon: A True Maverick, Cinema Stanzas and Cinema Stanzas Two. 


“Mesce’s essays have the feeling one gets when the lights go down, the big sound comes up and the screen begins to glow.  They seamlessly guide  you into the world of movies.  Facts, insights, stories and reflections from a writer who really knows make the world of movies richer and more fun.” 

  • Josh Sapan, Media Executive


“Good news for movie lovers, Reel Change III is here and happily Bill Mesce has done it yet again, with behind the screen stories about the movies we love and some we hate. I don't know whether it's better to read what Mesce has to say about a movie before you see it so you'll know what special little things to look for, or after to find out what you missed. Either way, be sure to read what he has to say, because no one knows more about movies or writes about it better. Sometimes his articles are better than the films themselves.”

  • Bill Persky, Emmy-winning writer/producer/director

“Another of Bill Mesce’s captivating accounts of the past half-century of film and streaming television, retold with his usual witty and deeply sympathetic appreciation for those, whether celebrated or half forgotten, who have contributed to the best he’s savored through the years.”

  • Ben Dunlap, Writer, teacher, producer/host Cinematic Eye


“One punchy, opinionated, beautifully-crafted essay after another.  Mesce might just be the best film writer you've never heard of, and you owe it to yourself to change that.”

  • David Breckman, writer/co-producer, MONK