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Kane Branson and his wife Kelly head to England to rekindle old friendships with Kane’s boyhood chums, MI5 head Peter Graham and Italian racing driver Alexander Vincentia. Before the Branson’s arrive, Vincentia fatally crashes at Silverstone, while driving for Mercedes and driving on his own company’s Tyroler tires.

All roads lead to sabotage after another Mercedes teammate’s car, also riding on Tyroler tires, is involved in an accident on the practice laps at Silverstone. Racing along with him is the new brawn from Australia, Kene Branson (better known as Kane Branson). Kane decides the only way he can discover the truth is to become part of the racing circuit. And against his young wife’s wishes, he takes to the track like he was born to it.

Blackmailed into crossing-the-line through his wife’s abduction by possible Italian sources, Kane shows the world what he can really do on and off the racetrack. Bringing home more than just a trophy, Kane proves that no one can cross over the line with him more than once …and live.

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