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This is the audiobook version of Raised Eyebrows, written and performed by Steve Stoliar.


RAISED EYEBROWS is the bittersweet story of the last years in the  
life of Groucho Marx, told by a young Marx Brothers fan who was  
fortunate enough to work for Groucho as his personal secretary and  
archivist, right inside Marx's Beverly Hills home. In addition to  
getting to know his hero, the author was able to spend quality time  
with Zeppo, Gummo, Mae West, George Burns, Bob Hope, Jack Lemmon, SJ  
Perelman, Steve Allen, and scores of other luminaries of stage,  
screen, TV and literature. The downside of this dream-come-true was  
getting close to his idol as the curtain was coming down, and dealing  
with Erin Fleming - the mercurial woman in charge of Groucho's  
personal and professional life. "Raised Eyebrows" is filled with  
never-before-heard anecdotes, with an introduction written by Dick  

Tune in to Steve  Stoliar's in depth podcast with POP CULTURE RETRO:


The author has written a new Afterword chapter, detailing events and  
experiences that have taken place in the years since the book was  
originally published.

The audiobook showcases the author's entertaining knack for  
impressions, as he provides the voices for all of the various  
celebrities and characters in his book.

"A real page-turner that is by turns startling, shocking and as  
engrossing as a good novel. What a splendid book it is."

"It's one of the best books about a show-business icon I've ever  
read...It makes Groucho live so much more than the conventional bios."

"Raised Eyebrows is an intimate account of one of our national  
treasures - Groucho Marx. It's written by a young man who was  
fortunate enough to live with and work for Groucho, and if he doesn't  
know what he's talking about, who would? It has a unique insider's  
point of view and is a fascinating study of a man who was one of the  
kings of comedy."

"In this delightful report, Mr. Stoliar brings the real Groucho alive  
with wit, tears and all."

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