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PROFILES IN BARBEQUE SAUCE by The Firesign Theatre (paperback)

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More Stoner Comedy From The Firesign Theatre

“Profiles in Barbeque Sauce” brings together sixteen of the Firesign Theatre’s stage, recordings and broadcast performance scripts from the earliest years of their long collaboration. From 1967, the Summer of Love-In, to the “Not Insane!” Martian Space Party of 1972, Firesign performed on stage at small clubs and large venue benefit concerts, over AM and FM radio and on the road.

“Profiles” collects the group’s timely political satire along with the most surreal, psychedelic and politically incorrect humor from the high times of the “Beatles of Comedy.”

“You’ll have a psychic orgasm over Firesign… Their satire is so sharp that it cuts through layers of bullshit in a split second.”
—Time Out, London, 12/12/70

“Their purpose in life is to tell you what they aren’t saying.”
—UCSB Daily News, 11/24/70