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Do not read these simple statements until you’ve read the book:

A character-driven collection of three chapbooks in one. Exploring the
glory of those who have the courage to run from something.

A cow farmer’s married just the wrong kind of person and has to run.
An agent for autopsy doctors has to run down the man who ran out on
him, just for curiosity’s sake.

The daughter of a lukewarm poet runs after the father who ran out on
her; she doesn’t want kids but she’s curious about her dad’s genetic makeup,
just in case her would-be husband forces her to change her mind
about family.

BEN OHMART runs BearManor Media, a publisher of entertainment
biographies, and is the author of books on Mel Blanc, Don Ameche, Joan
Davis and others. He lives in Kyoto, Japan, thankfully unaffected by
March 11th.

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