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Peter Lorre (Midnight Marquee Actors Series) (ebook)

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Our fifth edition of the Actors Series, highlights quasi-horror man Peter Lorre. Peter Lorre made many horror film appearances, but was never actually considered a horror film star. Instead, it was Lorre's persona, that of a quirky, deviant little man, sometimes charming, sometimes boiling over with venom, that made him a perfect match for horror films. Lorre felt just as comfortable enacting supporting roles in A films as he did starring in the Bs. This book takes an in-depth look at the film work of this versatile performer by providing analyses of films such as M, Mad Love, The Face Behind the Mask, The Maltese Falcon, Silk Stockings, The Raven and The Comedy of Terrors as well as many of the other films that made Peter Lorre a film legend.