Pause. Rewind. Obsess. One Man’s One Year Escape into Cinema (hardback)
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Pause. Rewind. Obsess. One Man’s One Year Escape into Cinema (hardback)

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Pause. Rewind. Obsess. One Man’s One Year Escape into Cinema

by Tim Lucas


380 pages

6x9 size

ISBN 9798887714066




“One of the pioneers of serious genre film criticism.”

- Barry Forshaw,


“Tim pretty much invented video reviewing as a genre distinct from movie reviewing.”

- Dave Kehr, of The New York Times and The Chicago Reader


“For this legendary critic, no aspect of filmmaking is unimportant, whether finding hidden homages to films past, subtle edits that propel the viewer forward, or a foreshadowing that opens or closes the loop on a director’s career. A chance to revisit these important writings is not to be missed.”

- David Colton, former editor at USA Today


“I wrote a whole prose chapter describing Rick Dalton’s career, his filmography, his situation. It was literally written as if Tim Lucas had written a chapter on [his] career!”

- Quentin Tarantino, on how he wrote Once Upon A Time in Hollywood


Ever wondered how many movies you see in a year?

Despite a lifetime of compulsive movie-going and movie-viewing, Video Watchdog editor Tim Lucas had never kept a list of those he had seen, much less annual ones. After a number of his Internet friends shared their lists of all the movies they had watched at the end of 2011, he was inspired to follow their example… and to take it one step further.

On the first day of 2012, he launched a new blog where he would not only keep track of every movie he saw that year, but review them in depth as well. He called this blog Pause. Rewind. Obsess.

This book collects all 226 reviews written for Pause. Rewind. Obsess. which encompass silent movies like Louis Feuillade’s Les Vampires (1915-1916) as well as the latest releases from Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, the James Bond franchise, and the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse. In between, you’ll find coverage of horror, science fiction and fantasy, as well as film noir, westerns, actioners, Beatles musicals, blaxploitation, and art house titles from a variety of countries. These reviews are presented here for the first time in newly polished, definitive form.

This book is the second release in a comprehensive new series from BearManor Media collecting the best of Tim Lucas’s 50+ years of film-related writings.

Tim Lucas has been reviewing films professionally, with a preference for art and exploitation cinema, since the age of 15. His work has appeared in Sight and Sound, Film Comment, Fangoria, Gorezone and numerous other books and magazines, including his own influential Video Watchdog, co-published with his wife Donna from 1990 to 2018. He is the author of the multi-award-winning Mario Bava – All the Colors of the Dark, as well as The Video Watchdog Book and monographs on Videodrome, Spirits of the Dead and Succubus. An acclaimed novelist as well as the prolific commentator on approximately 200 media discs released worldwide, his works have been recognized with more than 20 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, including their Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement.