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Pat Buttram: The Rocking-Chair Humorist (audiobook)

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Pat Buttram is known by today's youth as the yodelly voice in the Disney animated films The Rescuers, Robin Hood, The Fox and the Hound, The Aristocats and A Goofy Movie. To their parents, he's Mr. Haney, the hilarious con-man from Green Acres; and to their grandparents, he's Gene Autry's humorous sidekick. Pat was one of Hollywood's truest success stories. He lived his dream of making people laugh, winning honors from the The Pacific Pioneers Broadcaster's award all the way up to an Emmy, and everyone who knew him loved him. No one could keep an audience laughing like Pat could.

Born in 1915 in rural Alabama, the seventh of eight children Pat grew up to be one of the most recognizable voices in movies and television. This is his biography, told for the first time by his many friends, family members, co-stars, and co-workers at Gene Autry Enterprises. Interspersed throughout the book are many of Pat's original one-liners. If they make you laugh, they will have earned their keep.


In this audiobook, the author reads Pat’s life story while Pat’s sound-alike nephew, John Buttram, reads Pat’s jokes and writings. It’s like the man himself is with us!