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OLD-TIME TELEVISION MEMORIES by Mel Simons (paperback)

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"Hello, Milton Berle, this is Mel Simons."
"Which Mel Simons is this?"
Which Mel Simons?   It's the Mel Simons from Boston who is the humorist, accordionist, emcee, radio personality and show business historian.  It's the Mel Simons who has authored four books on the greats of early television and radio. 

Yes, that Mel Simons.

In this follow-up to his acclaimed volume Old-Time Radio Memories, Mel prompts such television greats as "Uncle Miltie," Morey Amsterdam and Steve Allen to share their remembrances of a time when Television was considered to be little more than "radio with pictures" and "vaudeville in a box."

The transcripts of these revealing telephone interviews read like conversations between close friends.  Clayton Moore recites "The Lone Ranger Creed"; Gale Storm (My Little Margie) opens up about her courageous battle with alcoholism; Larry Storch (F Troop) comments on the state of today's off-color comedy; eighty-year-old George Jessel tries to steal Mel's girlfriend; and legendary crooner (and former barber) Perry Como offers to give Mel "a good haircut." 

Mel Simons' telephone interviews are so vivid and so fun, you'll think you're eavesdropping on a party line.  And if you're old enough to remember party lines, then you'll certainly love this book.
Mel Simons
Simons has interviewed many of the great television stars of the past. Included in his latest book are interviews with Milton Berle, Perry Como, George Jessel, Steve Allen and many others. Simons can also be heard on the Steve LeVeille Show on WBZ radio.