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Interviews with Edgar Bergen, Ezra Stone, Lon Clark, Brett Morrison, Rudy Vallee, Julie Stevens, Dennis Day, Don Wilson, Frank Nelson, Mel Blanc, Jackson Beck, Harold Peary, Jim Jordan, Parker Fennelly, Minerva Pious, Kenny Delmar, Peter Donald, Freeman Gosden

You've heard their voices, thrilled to their radio shows, but did you ever wonder about the personalities lurking behind your Philco?

Boston radio personality, author, trivia expert and humorist Mel Simons has combed through reams of personal interviews with some of the biggest stars of old-time radio and presents them in his latest book, Old-Time Radio Memories.

Included in this book are interviews with many of your favorite old-time radio stars, including Edgar Bergen, Henry Aldrich, The Great Gildersleeve, Fibber McGee, and cast members of The Jack Benny Show and the Fred Allen Show.

The interviews offer rare insight into these performers' lives as well as provide the reader with never before published memorable anecdotes.

Mel Simons, besides amassing one of the world's largest old-time radio and TV show collections, is the author of the acclaimed The Old-Time Radio Trivia Book and The Old-Time Television Trivia Book, and is also a sought after lecturer. Mel lives in Boston and is heard on WBZ radio.

Mel Simons
Simons has interviewed many of the great television stars of the past. Included in his latest book are interviews with Milton Berle, Perry Como, George Jessel, Steve Allen and many others. Simons can also be heard on the Steve LeVeille Show on WBZ radio. For event information, call 617-558-6596. Click on Mel's photo to go to his official site, for lots more info!

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