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Oh My God They Printed That!? (ebook)

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No history of comics could fairly rank the milestones without first acknowledging the millstones. Who knew that iconic artists such as Jack Kirby, Bill Ward, and writer Otto Binder once conjured racist and sexist depictions of Wonder Woman, Li’l Abner, Captain Marvel, and Luke Cage? Back then, stereotypes were dynamo tropes.

Since their invention, comics tried to reflect on life, but today some refract into laughs. The Unattractive relics from the past now demonstrate a record of bigoted and chauvinistic ideas with embarrassing and bizarre characters that included females tagged as “beautiful and dumb” and Blacks pictured as semi-literate jive-talkin’ street people. 

Carson Demmans’ funny and thought-provoking book showcases sections about Blacks, Women, Native Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and a final section that contains stories so offensive that they are unclassifiable. Beware of the raw clichés, but prepare to be amazed.  

Illustrated with reprinted comic books stories, cover art, and panels, along with original art.

About the authors: Carson Demmans’ is author of You Might Be from Saskatchewan If . . . (Vol. 1-2), Jason of New York Horror Stories, Strange Saskatchewan, and Mr. Brown's Bad Saskatchewan Vacation. His career also includes magazine articles and cartoons, newspaper comic strips, comic books, greeting cards, and novelty items.

About the illustrator: Jason Sylvestre has collaborated on four Carson Demmans books.