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OFFED by Gary D. Rhodes (hardback)

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ISBN  9781629336022

While stuck in traffic, Birch considers just how far he has come in life, at least in between interruptions from his fan-boy limousine driver.  He takes pride in the fact that the President of the United States has requested a one-on-one meeting with him.  Amazing, really, to become the first serial killer ever received at the White House.

 “The underpinnings of this morality play will make you squirm because it strikes so close to home in our violent, celebrity-fuelled times.”

            – Ashley Jude Collie, The Huffington Post

 “The whacked narrator of Gary D. Rhodes’ Offed, a hard-boiled serial killer with a sure-fire method for finding fame, splatters the page with invectives against today’s media-soaked landscape while going about his sinister business. You find yourself nodding at his rants in admiration until your conscience tracks you down and you realize that you, too, are a victim of Rhodes’ killer prose.”

            – Michael L. Shuman, The Mailer Review


“Gary D. Rhodes’ darkly absurd tale of a sociopathic serial killer being elevated to the status of a twenty-first century folk hero couldn’t be more relevant during these hyper-strange times in which we all find ourselves.  If Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho), Rex Miller (Slob), and Jerzy Kosinski (Being There) had all hooked up for a delightfully perverse ménage à trois, Offed might very well have been the unholy result.”

            – Robert Guffey, author of Until the Last Dog Dies, Chameleo, Spies &      Saucers, and Cryptoscatology