My Three Lives: A Memoir by Tina Cole (ebook)
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My Three Lives: A Memoir by Tina Cole (ebook)

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My Three Lives: A Memoir

By Tina Cole


366 total pages

 ISBN 9798887710624

 Tina Cole has been a performer since she was old enough to walk and talk. She was brought up in the limelight of her famous parents: musician, Buddy Cole and Yvonne King of the singing King Sisters.

Tina made her mark on the television world starring on the series Hawaiian Eye at the age of 19 and continued to perform on television with her famous family, The King Family on ABC.

Tina became a national sensation when she joined the cast of “My Three Sons” as Katie Douglas and fans of the show fell In love with her.

 “Being in the film and TV industry, I’ve read a lot of biographies. The first thing I felt when reading Tina’s book is how much she created the feeling that you were a fly on the wall of her storybook life .. .Tina shares so many life changing stories and experiences. Her book was an easy page turner... Get the popcorn out and enjoy the read!” - Victoria Burrows, 40+ years casting director: Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Cast Away, Contact, The Polar Express, Walker Texas Ranger

“Tina Cole’s long awaited book is an engaging gem of heartfelt memoir. She exudes joy as she shares the story of her family life and stardom as an actress-singer. Her writing voice is vibrant and insightful as she tells of both fame and life’s challenges. This book will resonate with baby boomers who grew up knowing and loving Tina Cole on television and live on stage.” - William Anderson, author at Harper Collins, Publishers


Readers interested in the Golden Age of TV and Hollywood will find
enjoyment in Cole's memoir. She provides a candid look into her life
growing up with her mother, Yvonne King of the singing King Sisters, and
her father, musician Buddy Cole. She approaches her own time on and off-
screen with honesty. This fast-paced book is told in three parts: her
childhood; her time working on the long-running TV sitcom My Three Sons,
in which she played Katie (opposite real-life boyfriend Don Grady); and her

time after the show through the present. Readers who didn't grow up
watching Cole or her famous musical family on TV will likely still enjoy the
insight she provides. This is a dear love letter to the Boomer generation.
She talks with fondness of growing up in the '40s and '50s.

VERDICT Cole looks back on her life and career fondly, but she
doesn't shy away from the parts that were challenging and less
than idyllic, making this a compelling read.

Reviewed by Carleigh Obrochta „ Jan 27, 2023
Library Journal