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Newly updated! More photos! More great reading!

Written by Mary Ann Anderson, Miss Lupino's long-time friend and assistant, this book highlights this vintage comedy TV show and features rare photo stills of the show's cast and crew.

Everything you want to know about this classic comedy from creation to cancellation and more, including:

  • Details of Ida and Howard's stormy marriage
  • Never-before-seen original pilot script, written by Collier Young (Ida's former husband)
  • Ida Lupino's Emmy Award Nomination Certificate for this show
  • Rare Set Photos
  • Interviews with Sol Saks, the show's writer, and the brilliant comedy star herself, Ida Lupino!

The release of this superb new book written with loving care by Mary Ann Anderson is a milestone in the pantheon of published books concerning the legendary life and career of Ida Lupino (1918 - 1995). The reason for this is that Ms. Anderson captures the real spirit, vitality, and unrestrained artisty of Ida Lupino on a very personal, in depth level which brings forth (for the first time) the REAL Ida Lupino for readers. Many books have been published on aspects of Ida Lupino's unique life and works within the Lively Arts, but unfortunately many of them have contained distortions, assumptions, and outright lies about Ms. Lupino that have to some degeee taken hold in public conciousness. This book finally (and clearly) presents us with a detailed, intimate look at Ida Lupino during the years of the 1950's, and her breakthrough Television success via her weekly hit series, "Mr. Adams & Eve" for CBS. We also get a revealing inside look at her oft troubled marriage to actor Howard Duff, who was Ida's co star on Mr. Adams & Eve, as well as many other Motion Picture and Television productions throughout the 1950's and after.

Through Ida's own words,taken from extensive interviews with Ms. Anderson, as well as personal letters and documents, we get a genuine first person view of Ida Lupino's daily life and work during this period of her life, which coincided with the dawn of Television's historic Golden Era. Ms. Anderson's book is also a virtual treasure trove of rare original memorabilia & stills featured in it's pages, with a great many pieces from Ida Lupino's personal archives. The book also features a complete outline (show by show, in broadcast order) of the full two season run of Mr. Adams & Eve, with a detailed synopsis of each episode. The book also features extensive quoted interview excerpts from many of Ida Lupino's collaborators, such as Sol Saks (creator of "Bewitched") and a host of other luminaries from Film and Televsion.

In closing, I urge anyone with an interest in the amazing life and career of Ida Lupino, as well as folks who just love classic TV to get this book with haste - you will be VERY pleased you did! BRAVO!!

Louis Antonelli
Veteran Film & TV

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Winston Commercial "Mr. Adams & Eve" 1957-58 - YouTube

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