Marlene Dietrich: Between the Covers (paperback)
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Marlene Dietrich: Between the Covers (paperback)

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ISBN  9781629336084

This book is a collection of “lost” interviews and magazine profiles of actress Marlene Dietrich, beginning in 1930 and ending in 1954. The collected interviews reveal the “real” woman behind the cinematic mythical figure of Marlene Dietrich. The articles/stories/interviews cover her early life on the stage in Germany, and her eventual movie stardom in Hollywood, her complicated, symbiotic relationship with her mentor and director Josef von Sternberg, her problems with Nazi Germany and United States immigration, and her complicated and intriguing love life. It also reveals her love/hate relationship with the press.

Many of the interviews and articles explore and reveal the overwhelming problems of immigration foreign film actors in Hollywood faced during the early 1930s, for many readers – for the first time. Immigration is especially a hot button issue at this time, and the book is relevant in presenting the interesting notion that immigration has been a debated issue in America for a century.

Includes a bibliography, a complete list of Dietrich’s American films and radio appearances, and a couple of her best recipes!