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Please note that this is a book and not a DVD.

Shirley Temple possessed by demons? Danny Kaye singing like Michael Jackson? Are the characters in Night of the Living Dead planning a party? There’s nothing wrong with your television set. It’s Mad Movies with the L.A. Connection, the television show that ran from 1985-1989 in the wee hours of the night. Founded in 1977, The L.A. Connection is still going strong with sketch comedy, improv and “mock dubbing” of movies and television. Author Mike White (Impossibly Funky: A Cashiers du Cinemart Collection) looks at the history of The L.A. Connection and their many projects from Flicke of the Night to Reefer Madness II, to Blobermouth, and beyond.

“… a slim yet incredibly informative chronicle of how improve comedy troupe The L.A. Connection transformed a popular stage routine – redubbing old films for a live crowd – into one of ‘80s TV’s ‘best kept secrets.’ Premiering in 1985, airing on independent stations across the country (as well as later reruns on Nick At Night) and lasting 26 episodes, the show edited hoary feature-length films down to easy-to-digest, half-hour chunks, then gave ‘em all-new, wacky dialogue. In addition to reminiscences from L.A. Connection founder Kent Skov and colleagues, who recall the creative energy and technical work that went into making this outlandish show, Mike White fills out his 122-page softcover with a brief history of ‘mock dub’ cinema, the birth of the L.A. Connection, an episode guide, rare photos, plus the group’s other film-dubbing projects.”-- Shock Cinema