Mad Movies With the L.A. Connection: The Complete Scripts (hardback)
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Mad Movies With the L.A. Connection: The Complete Scripts (hardback)

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654 pages, 8.5 x 11 size

ISBN 9781629338972



 Remember the ‘80s? The last original decade, when Rubix was the cube, and Michael Jackson was the voice of a Pepsi Generation?

You’re forgetting one thing.

Mad Movies!


It was the coolest, hardest to find show on television! Back when there were fewer channels, and the channels you did find ran both the old and the new stuff together, hence letting you appreciate The Cosby Show and Casablanca in equal measure. And the funniest show on TV to take advantage of that extinct anomaly was Mad Movies, the first series to make fun of old movies by changing its soundtrack, dubbing in sounds and talk funnier than the Three Stooges!


Now you can read ALL the scripts of this great cult series as they were originally written.


Read along with the shows on and enjoy all your favorite pirate dancers, Sherlocks discovering pencils and every other in joke I’m talking about, you rabid fan, you!