Ma and Pa Kettle on Film (paperback)
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Ma and Pa Kettle on Film (paperback)

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ISBN  9781629336824

Ma and Pa Kettle on Film

By Lon and Debra Davis

With a Foreword By Brett Halsey

Their names alone can bring a smile to the face of any classic movie buff. Portrayed by veteran stage and screen actors Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride, Ma and Pa first won the hearts of moviegoers in The Egg and I in 1947. Handily stealing the spotlight from the film’s nominal leads, the Kettles were given their own series. The resulting B-pictures were so successful that they reportedly saved Universal studios from bankruptcy. Since then, Ma and Pa have been making new friends and fans with every passing generation. Whether they’re at the fair, on vacation, back on the farm, at Waikiki, in Paris, New York City, the Ozarks, or just at home, they can always be counted on to make viewers laugh out loud. Ma and Pa Kettle on Film, the first full-length book on that famous series, is filled with behind-the-scenes information, vivid descriptions of each film, still pictures, screencaps, movie ads, and hilarious dialogue that will make you laugh all over again.



“Everything you could possibly want to know about the Ma and Pa Kettle comedies is covered in this well-researched book. The authors’ enthusiasm is positively contagious.”   

                                                      —Leonard Maltin

Featured on Leonard Maltin's New and Notable Books for June 2021

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