Little Shoppe of Horrors issue #43 (ebook)
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Little Shoppe of Horrors issue #43 (ebook)

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Little Shoppe of Horrors issue #43

Filmed in 1967 by British Tigon Productions, The Blood Beast Terror was called by Peter Cushing the worst film he ever appeared in. But how can you not like a Death's Head Vampire moth — played by the gorgeous Wanda Ventham (of Captain Kronos-Vampire Hunter and UFO fame). It is silly, colorful and eminently enjoyable.

Plus, we go in-depth on the follow up film to last issue's Village of the Damned. This time, the very intelligent - and topical - Children of the Damned.


A History of Horror Film Fanzines — The Monster Times

From 1972 to 1976 - a very hip, colorful (and well written) tabloid newspaper that initially came out every two weeks. The men who created and designed it - Larry Brill and Les Waldstein - cut their design teeth on the early sex tabloid - screw!

'Beware the Eyes That Paralyze!' — They Come to Conquer the World!

The Making of Children of the Damned by Anthony McKay.

'They'll Never Believe This At the Yard.' — 'They'll Never Believe It Anywhere!'

The Making of The Blood Beast Terror by John Hamilton.

Director Vernon Sewell — 'Regret Nothing'

Interview conducted by John Hamilton. The director of the Blood Beast Terror, Curse of the Crimson Altar/The Crimson Cult and 1972's Burke & Hare.

All our regular features are back — Letters to LSoH - Ralph's One-and-Only Travelling Reviews Company - Hammer News

Lots of original artwork and Rare Photos!