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Little Shoppe of Horrors presents

Little Shoppe of Horrors #37

"A Living Hell That Time Forgot!

The Making of Hammer's 1967 THE LOST CONTINENT

...or "Beasts, Bosoms and Balloons -- Hammer's Wildest Movie!"


       Based on Famed British writer Dennis Wheatley's "Uncharted Seas", it was the most expensive film Hammer had made up to that time. Top notch cast, fun effects by Disney Academy Award© winning SPFX man, Robert A. Mattey, and a story that combines a 'ship of fools' with a wild exotic Sargasso Sea setting. And those balloons...!!

-Rondo-winning author Bruce G. ("gore") Hallenbeck gives you the complete 'behind-the-scenes" story.


- Robert A. Mattey and his Lost Continent Monsters.

- Darryl Read is "el Supremo".

- Gerard Schurmann and the Music from THE LOST CONTINENT.


v “From Balloons to the Blues...”  Interview with Dana Gillespie (Sara) - By Michael Augustine Reed.

v “Paradise - Hammer Style” Interview with Suzanna Leigh (Unity) - By Doug & Pam Murray.



– Also In the Issue–

v A History of Horror Film Fanzines: "Castle of Frankenstein"   - by Christopher M. O'Brien, who gives you th in-depth story of CoF and its unique creator/editor, Calvin T. Beck.


v “Thank Goodness...It's Only For Two Weeks!” Roy Skeggs - A Lifetime in Hammer Films. In his own words, the man who supervised, produced (SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL, TO THE DEVIL..A DAUGHTER, "Hammer House of Horror" & "Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense"), then owned Hammer films. Great inside stories with lots of photos and art.


v Sword & Sorcery Productions Limited Present 'Lost in Lemuria' - Milton Subotsky & Harley Cokeliss's unmade production of THONGOR IN THE VALLEY OF DEMONS - by Micah S. Harris. What might have been an epic sword & sorcery / stop-motion animation film with an Edgar Rice Burroughs feel.


v THE SHADOW OF THE CAT - By Tim Rogerson. The Making of Hammer's 1960 thriller, with Barbara Shelley and Andre Morell.



All Our regular features are back – Letters to LSoH – Ralph's One-and-Only Travelling Review Company —Hammer News—


Front Cover by Rondo winner, Mark Maddox.

Back Cover by Dr. Who artist, Adrian Salmon

Inside Front Cover by  Warner Bros artist / Producer, Bruce Timm

Inside Back Cover by Dan Gallagher, Jr.



The Best Hammer Coverage Since 1972


100 pages.