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Little Shoppe of Horrors presents

Little Shoppe of Horrors #36



The Making of Universal’s 1979 Dracula.


       In 1979, Universal Studios and producer Walter Mirisch, going from the massive success of the revival of Dracula on Broadway, with Frank Langella as the Count, committed themselves to a big budget, opulent, version of both the play and the novel.  From that came a beautiful, wonderfully presented and acted Gothic horror-romance.

       In LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS #36, we present an in-depth study of how the play came about that lead to the film.  And a complete production history of the filming.

       Spearheading this is filmmaker and historian Constantine Nasr, who has gone way above and beyond to assemble a fascinating history of play and movie.  He has interviewed:

       ** The Play **

-      John Wulp (Producer)

-      Alan Coates (Jonathan Harker)


       ** The Film **

-      Walter Mirisch (Producer)

-      John Badham (Director, who has also opened up his personal scrapbooks to us)

-      W.D. (Rick) Richter (Screenwriter, who let us borrow his hand written scripts and script notes/production meeting with Mirisch and Badham).

-      Frank Langella (Dracula)

-      John Bloom (Film Editor)

-      Ian Lewis (Head of Universal/UK)

-      Hugh Harlow (Production Manager)

-      Peter Robb-King (Head Makeup)

-      Simon Murton (Son of production designer, Peter Murton)

-      Peter Young (set dresser)

-      Gil Taylor (Director of Photography-rare archive interview)

-      Bill Taylor (Assistant to Matte Designer, Albert Whitlock)


PLUS – Stand alone interviews with

v “Trevor Eve”  (Jonathan Harker)

v “Jan Francis” (Mina)

v “John Williams” (Music Composer


v “Contributions from:”

Laurent Bouzereau, Bruce G. Hallenbeck, Sam Irvin, Dennis Lynch, Michael Augustine Reed, Gary D. Rhodes, Kevin Shinnick and Markus Wallasvaara.



Front wraparound Cover by Rondo winner, Jeff Preston.

Inside Front Cover by  Rondo winner, Mark Maddox.

Inside Back Cover by Rondo nominee, David Brooks.



Lots of original artwork and rare photos!


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