Little Shoppe of Horrors #30 (ebook)
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Little Shoppe of Horrors #30 (ebook)

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Little Shoppe of Horrors #30

In 1971, Hammer Films produced a film that was a Grimm’s fairy tale for its time, with images straight out of Fellini and Bergman. VAMPIRE CIRCUS was the first film for director Robert Young and filled with young performers and other actors not normally associated with Hammer horror films. But it was a knockout and a huge cult favorite to this day.

LSoH gives you the complete behind-the-scenes story with interviews with all the key people in front of and behind the camera, most never interviewed before, in-depth, about the film. (Note: There is nudity in this issue, as there was in the movie.)


Featuring –

“Your Children Will Die, to Give Me Back My Life!”

The Making of VAMPIRE CIRCUS by Bruce G. Hallenbeck.


- Interviews with

Robert Young (Director)

Anthony Higgins (Emil)

Robert Tayman (Count Mitterhaus)

John Moulder-Brown (Anton)

Lalla Ward (Helga)

Domini Blythe (Anna) (a remembrance by her long-time companion, French-Canadian director, Jean Beaudin)

+ Wilbur Stark (Producer), Judson Kinberg (Screenwriter) & Adrienne Corri (Gypsy Woman) & Milovan and Serena (The Webers, the tiger woman!)


The Hammer Nobody Knows –

“Never Look Back” by Denis Meikle.


Remembering – James Carreras: Michael Carreras in Conversation with Denis Meikle.


British Actors – 3: Peter Arne interview conducted by David Williams.


Hammer News, The Viewable Hammer, Letters to LSoH, Book and DVD reviews.




Front Cover by Bruce Timm; Inside front cover by Mark Maddox. Inside back cover by Adrian Salmon. Back Cover by Belle Dee (Shana) Bilbrey.


Lots of original artwork and a LOT of rare photographs.