Little Shoppe of Horrors #14 (ebook)
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Little Shoppe of Horrors #14 (ebook)

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Little Shoppe of Horrors issue #14

Many consider 1960s THE BRIDES OF DRACULA as the greatest horror film Hammer ever made. In this issue we present the most in depth study of the film ever.

The Ladies of Hammer – II

Interviews with

- Yutte Stensgaard by Michael Thomas Reed

- Madeleine Collinson by Michael Thomas Reed

- Mary Collinson by Michael Thomas Reed

- Janette Scott by Gil Lane-Young

- Janina Faye by Stephen Laws

Roy Ashton interview conducted by Jan Van Genechten and Gilbert Verschooten

Len Harris interview conducted by Denis Meikle.

Hammer Old Guard

Interviews with

- Renee Glynne

by Sue & Colin Cowie & Tom Johnson

- William ‘CoCo’ Epps

by Colin Cowie & Tom Johnson

“Mother, Come Here!” – The Making of THE BRIDES OF DRACULA by Bruce G. Hallenbeck, with contributions from Richard Blaine, Bill Kelley, Oscar Martinez, Robert Dow and Tim Greaves.

Interviews with

- Anthony Hinds

- Peter Cushing

- Andree Melly

- Harry Oakes

- Hugh Harlow

- Margaret Robinson on Bernard Robinson by Wayne Kinsey

- The Evolution of THE BRIDES OF DRACULA script by Bob Sheridan and Oscar Martinez.

- Sex A’ Peel: Kicking in with THE BRIDES OF DRACULA (and David Peel) by Richard Valley

- Career Interviews with

- John Peverall (Hammer 1st Assistant Director during the golden Bray Studios era)

- Tom Edwards (Stills Cameraman)