Laura La Plante: Silent Cinderella (hardback)
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Laura La Plante: Silent Cinderella (hardback)

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Laura La Plante: Silent Cinderella

by Laura Jerrolds

Introduction by Kevin Brownlow


286 pages

6x9 size

ISBN 9798887715087 


Laura La Plante (1904-1996) was one of the most beloved stars of the silent era, known for her classic blonde bob haircut and dazzling screen presence. Although comedies were her specialty, she is best remembered for her role as Annabelle West in the thrilling mystery story The Cat and the Canary (1927), which inspired countless haunted house films in the following decades. 

In La Plante’s first-ever full-length biography, her entire life story is recounted, from her poverty-stricken upbringing to her retirement in the California desert with her movie-producing husband, Irving Asher. The book features 101 photographs of the actress, personal letters and interviews from Laura La Plante, her filmography, and an introduction by film historian Kevin Brownlow.         



Laura Jerrolds is an author and historian with a special interest in 1920s actresses. In addition to writing biographies, she also writes middle-grade fiction and works at Florida State University.