LADY OF THE PRESS: RADIO'S LOST ROMANTIC-MYSTERY SERIAL edited by Larry Groebe of the Generic Radio Workshop - BearManor Manor
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Unheard and unseen for over seventy years, Lady of the Press is an intriguing, entertaining West Coast CBS radio show from 1944 and 1945. The story follows newspaper reporter Sandra Martin, a modern woman trying to balance her personal life with her working world, as she is falsely tagged by police as a Person of Interest in a grisly murder.  


Sandra Martin is played by Janet Waldo, went on to fame as the voice of Corliss Archer, Judy Jetson, Penelope Pitstop, and many other characters.


The big-city newspaper setting gave the 15-minute daily serial more energy than typical radio soaps. 

This volume reprints for the first time the scripts from two dozen original episodes from the series complete with edits and cuts made by the cast and crew. These Lady of the Press scripts open a window into the World War II home front and the lives people led.


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About the Generic Radio Workshop: This loose-knit group of radio artists have been performing vintage radio shows in the North Texas area longer than the Golden Age of Radio existed. The Workshop’s website,, serves as the Internet’s original and largest library of Old Time Radio scripts. Audio theatre groups literally from across the globe visit the website to find material for their upcoming productions and share scripts that they have produced with others.

Larry Groebe is one of the cofounders, and he functions as the group's chief archivist and librarian. Larry also does voice work and online marketing.


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