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Koop Kooper, the cocktail universe's high priest of all things hep swingin and swank, and cyber disc jockey of his radio show the “Cocktail Nation,” has unleashed the definitive guide to the Lounge universe, with this new eponymous tome available for the first time in paperback.

Replete with gassin interviews and cool pixeramas, Koop Kooper reveals the incredible diorama of Cocktail culture, lifestyle and music.

Koop mixes it up with cool luminaries and pioneers of the Cocktail soundtrack, such as hepster Jack Constanzo, the bongo player of the 50s…shakes a martini with the leaders of the revival Combustible Edison; trades smart lip with comedian satirist Shelley Berman and twenty first century hit makers Martini Kings; heads down the dark streets of Cocktail noir, muscling it up with croonoir Jimmy Vargas; then it's off to the Vegas pool, where he conducts an underwater interview with gorgeous fire eating mermaid Marina.

KOOP KOOPERS ‘COCKTAIL NATION’ book is a glorious panorama of all things Lounge,created by the swank meister of uber cool himself.

ISBN 9781593932268