KANE'S HUNDRED: AND THE HUNTER COMES by Janette Anderson - BearManor Manor
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Fifty-four-year-old Australian Federal Police agent, Kane Branson, is persuaded to come out of seemingly semi-retirement to investigate the increasing drug trade from Lantau, Hong Kong into Australia. The undercover operation is known only to a few as the Hunter Project.

Kane’s team on the mission will consist of new agents, one being his young wife, and vets starting at the hottest place this side of hell: Alice Springs, and take only the tough to the seedy depths of Hong Kong, where drugs and prostitution reign. The project starts with ten people and before they even leave Australia two of the team members are lost. Accidents? Maybe! Someone, somewhere wants Kane to fail, and that could involve the Chinese, or is it one of his own kind? A twist on words with a penchant for truth, with maybe a son he didn’t even know he had. What lies ahead for Kane and his One Hundredth mission?

The on-going Branson saga…


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