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JIMMY STEWART: ON THE AIR by Charles and Erna Reinhart (paperback)

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Over the years the motion picture career of Jimmy Stewart has been highly praised and well documented. But did you know that he also had an extensive career on the radio? Among the pages of this well researched book, you will read the detailed work of Stewart on the radio. When Stewart lent his talent “on the air,” radio was at its prime and was the main source of entertainment in the homes of America and around the world. Stewart was at the heart of all of this. In all, his radio career spanned seven decades. He did comedy with Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Bing Crosby and Mortimer Snerd. He did drama on Lux Radio Theatre, Screen Guild Theater and Suspense. He even brought some of his best films to the listening audience, including Harvey, The Philadelphia Story and Winchester ’73.

Go back now to those glory days of radio, when your “mind’s eye” and a healthy dose of imagination brought you genuine, clean fun and entertainment. Back to a time when glamorous Hollywood stars weren’t afraid to have their voices do all the acting for them…no makeup, no costumes, no pictures of any kind.  Come back to a time when Jimmy Stewart traveled the airwaves. Enjoy!

ISBN 9781593936938