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IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN, VOL. 4 edited by Jim Harmon

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Sherlock Holmes is once again after the game which is afoot, but in the West of Tom Mix. Captain Midnight takes to the air and the virtual airwaves for us to solve a spy case. Mr. District Attoney solves a historic crime. Johnny Dollar adds a page to his expense account. Chandu the Magician lifts the veil on another mystery. These beloved characters from the world of old time radio are not gone forever, but live again in these pages in brand new stories, especially prepared for this edition.

These short stories are in standard reading form, not re-tread scripts. Using you own imagination you can not only read them but hear those voices and sounds in your mind. Those who loved the "Theatre of Imagination" will love these stores pertaining to it from well-known authors including William F. Nolan, Jack A. French, Richard Lupoff, Jon Swartz, Steve Kallis, and Jim Harmon.