It’s me, Billy - Black Christmas Revisited (ebook)
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It’s me, Billy - Black Christmas Revisited (ebook)

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It’s me, Billy - Black Christmas Revisited

by Paul Downey & David Hastings

Foreword by Dan Duffin

 320 pages


 It’s Me Billy: Black Christmas Revisited is a brand-new definitive book chronicling the making of Bob Clark's seminal 1974 Christmas slasher film. which is gearing up to celebrate its 50th anniversary while still being acclaimed by critics around the world as well as loved by a cult fanbase.

Featuring interviews with both cast and crew of the ground-breaking original film, as well as delving into the making of the film and an exploration of its themes and characters, It’s Me Billy brings you the ultimate behind the scenes account of both the 1974 classic, as well as the remakes and spin offs that have all continued the legacy of the infamous “Billy.”

It’s Me Billy is the ultimate resource for fans of Bob Clark's influential horror film & its extraordinary legacy.

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