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n Ike Godsey of Walton's Mountaiby Joe Conley, read by Michael Gilboe (audiobook)

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This is the audiobook read by Michael Gilboe.


“Goodnight, John Boy.” Who can forget the heartwarming finale to each episode of THE WALTONS. The real life of actor Joe Conley, who played shopkeeper Ike Godsey, mirrors the timeless tales that unfolded on Walton’s Mountain.
In his movingly frank autobiography, Joe reflects on the warm, sometimes amusing, sometimes serious story of the strident struggles that accompanied him on his journey from anonymity to eminence as one of the most beloved characters on America’s favorite family television series.
Joe passed away in 2013, but he left behind an unforgettable legacy of touching tales that still stir the hearts of millions of people worldwide, as well as a personal story more poignant than any imaginary narrative. Straight-from-the-shoulder and yet inspiring, the extraordinary reminisces of a true American legend warmly radiate from every page like the fireside glow in the Walton’s family hearth.