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I Thank You: The Arthur Askey Story (hardback)

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ISBN 9781629335612

A diminutive, frenetic comedian, known for catchphrases that were once part of the English language, Arthur Askey was one of Britain’s most popular entertainers throughout much of the 20th Century. Immediately after World War One, Askey made his professional debut in concert parties at British seaside resorts. He began to appear on the stage and on radio, and in 1938, with Richard Murdoch, he introduced Band Wagon to BBC radio listeners. It soon became the most popular program on the air, and launched Askey’s career as a film star (one of Britain’s biggest), a major entertainer in pantomime and on the legitimate stage, and ensured an easy transition some years later into television.

Arthur Askey’s life and career is presented here in informative and readable fashion. I Thank You: The Arthur Askey Story is the first book-length biography of a great British comedian, and will, hopefully, introduce him and his humor to new audiences around the world.

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