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I, RED SKELTON (paperback)

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From the Foreword by Conrad Lane: “What emerges is a work that is entertaining, informative, and incisive. We learn much about Red Skelton in this highly-readable book. Among the more revealing items is the story of Red’s parentage—a well-documented story that would be unbelievable if dramatized on film, but which does not strain credulity if one is familiar with Gehring’s previous work. We learn much about the women in Red’s life, notably the indomitable Edna Stillwell, the first wife, whose guidance and drive were most responsible for Red’s early success. There is also an intriguing portrait of the beautiful but troubled Georgia, his second wife, who was probably the true love of his life.”

I find myself always being drawn into Wes’ comedic research and storytelling by its insights into the history, politics and sociology of the period explored. In that context, his gift is not only that of a researcher but also a “decoder” of what leads a reader to exclaim. ‘Oh, so that’s how he (the subject) got that way.’”
– Steve Bell, former anchor for ABC News and Good Morning, America

About the Author

Wes D. Gehring is a Professor of Film at Ball State University and Associate Media Editor for USA TODAY Magazine, for which he also writes the column, “Reel World.” He has written 30 film-related books, including the award winning biography—Red Skelton: The Mask Behind the Mask.