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Hell on Route 666: Cool Cat 2 (ebook)

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Catherine “Cat” Warburton is the black sheep of a rich and powerful family, who live on the West Coast. Blonde and beautiful, Cat’s interests are Soul music, guns and fast cars. When she is not hanging out at the beach, Cat goes undercover as a daring crime fighter for a highly secret private agency. The teenage sons and daughters of wealthy parents who live on the good side of the track are running amok, committing mayhem and murder. Meanwhile a horned figure presides over strange midnight ceremonies where occult rites and blood sacrifices are performed. A leading moral crusader proclaims that the Day of Judgment is at hand. The notorious heavy rock band 666 may be able to provide a clue to the goings on. In the guise of a hooker, go-go dancer and bikini wrestler, Cat goes on the road with the band. She embarks on a wild ride of blood, lust and terror that takes her from quiet suburbs, hippie colonies and Indian Reservations to barren wastelands and down the “Devil’s Highway” —Route 666. Cat’s lurid escapades escalate into a weird way-out Bad Trip, as the world around her goes mad. Aided and abetted by “Soul Sister” Selena and the exotic Aiko, she encounters rednecks, Hell’s Angels, trigger-happy cops, medicine men, guerilla fighters, strange cults, monsters, demons, and the legion of the living dead.