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Hell Hath No Fury Like Her: The Making of Christine (audiobook)

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“B-B-B-B Bad… Bad to the bone…”

Packed with interviews from director John Carpenter, screenwriter Bill Phillips, producer Richard Kobritz, stars Keith Gordon and Alexandra Paul, plus various members of the cast and crew including co-composer Alan Howarth and SFX artist Roy Arbogast, “Hell Hath No Fury: The Making of Christine” is a definitive look at the 1983 cinematic adaptation of Stephen King’s terrifying novel about the eponymous demonic Plymouth Fury and the obsessive teenage boy who loves her.

 Author Lee Gambin examines Carpenter’s film by exploring themes such as possession, gender politics, sexuality, the use of rock’n’roll, the complexities of varied relationships, class resentment, the landscape of suburbia, the alienation felt during teenage years and more, including a recurring coverage of cars in film (both supernatural and not).

 Loaded with photographs as well as production notes, this book is essential for all John Carpenter fans, Stephen King devotees, horror film enthusiasts and for anyone who can remember their first car. So buckle in and take a ride and remember “Rock’n’Roll is here to stay! It will never die!”


"HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE HER: The Making of Christine by Lee Gambin (BearManor Media; bearmanormedia.com; $24.95). Stephen King's supernatural-thriller Christine - in which a nebbish teen becomes possessed by his new car, a 1958 Plymouth Fury - hadn't even appeared in bookstores and director John Carpenter was already shooting his screen adaptation. Released to theatres in December 1983, CHRISTINE received a tepid response from critics and audiences, but has gained its fans over the years, and they'll definitely get a kick out of this fascinating 320-page oral history of the production, courtesy of the actors and artists behind the camera. Like his previous book on the making of CUJO, author Lee Gambin breaks down the film, scene by scene, dissecting its plot, themes and subtext, followed by lengthy insights from those involved with the production. Interviewees including Carpenter, stars Keith Gordon and Alexandra Paul, supporting bullies William Ostrander, Malcolm Danare, and Steven Tash, screenwriter Bill Phillips, as well as the film's cinematographer, editor, SFX supervisor, and more - recalling CHRISTINE's pre-production, the casting process, scenes that didn't make the final cut, the importance of the film's music, creating the various autos used throughout the film, plus everyone's excitement about working with Carpenter, as well as character actor legends like Robert Prosky, Harry Dean Stanton, and Roberts Blossom. Several key sequences are also examined in depth, such as the story's special-effects-driven "Show me!" sequence and Moochie's death scene. Stuffed with entertaining on-set anecdotes, insightful commentary and behind-the-scenes photographs, it's a wonderful tribute to this fun and stylish Carpenter/King favorite."

-- Shock Cinema