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GORGO (hardback)

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ISBN 9781629335735

Nominated for the 2015 Rondo Award!

Sam Slade didn't believe in Gorgo until he saw the monster's hideous scaly face, its slimy green talons and the massive mouth that could swallow a killer whale. If this was not enough he was to have even bigger problems in his future.
The story mixes familiarity with a couple of neat plot twists; the special effects are ambitious and oftentimes stunning; and the use of a man in a rubber dinosaur suit, a technique usually met with derision, is undoubtedly one of the best on record. But perhaps the reason that supersedes them all is that Gorgo is the rare city-stomping monster spectacle with heart.

Released by MGM in 1961, Gorgo is that oft-told cinematic fable of the giant beast that threatens humanity.

This volume contains the shooting script and the original tie-in novel by Carson Bingham and a production background by Bill Cooke.