Goon Show News (ebook)
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Goon Show News (ebook)

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Goon Show News

by The Goon Show Preservation Society

Goon Show News

Sampled from 50 years of interviews, insight and jollification

… and that is exactly what you are holding in your hands. Aware of the fact that The Goon Show Preservation Society has been going since the year of The Last Goon Show of All, 1972, three heads got together and realised that over the years our regular newsletters have contained interviews, analyses and general articles from and about many of the leading lights involved in The Goon Show!

A wealth of expertise and stories about the leading and directing of this particular facet of British post-war radio comedy and preserving it for those that come to it later.

The stars themselves, writers, producers, sound engineers, production staff plus keen fans and supporters are all represented and create this font of knowledge.

Highlighting the changes in recording practices and abilities, production techniques, social attitudes and the need for a post-war laugh that lasted and lasted, we present this feast of interest for any fan of The Goons and the comedy that they gave birth to.

Please enjoy and consider joining The Goon Show Preservation Society to help make Goon Show fun last even longer.

Superbly illustrated by our famed body of dedicated artists and presented in this bulky fold-away tome, it should both inform and tickle your giggle-buds. Enjoy…