Gong This Book! The Uncensored History of Television’s Wildest Talent Show (paperback)
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Gong This Book! The Uncensored History of Television’s Wildest Talent Show (paperback)

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Gong This Book! The Uncensored History of Television’s Wildest Talent Show

by Adam Nedeff

6”x9” size

374­­ pages

Once you watched The Gong Show, you could never forget it! All at once, it was trippy 1970s time capsule, a variety show, a showcase for new talent, a party, and a playground for its creator and star, the one and only Chuck Barris.

Gong This Book is a celebration of this unique oddity in television history and the extraordinary staff of people — “Chuck's Lemmings”— who made it happen. Among those sharing their recollections for this book are celebrity judges Jamie Farr and Jo Anne Worley, Scarlett O'Hara, Rhetch Butler, Confusion the Philosopher, Larry and His Magic Trumpet, The Cowardly Lion, The Women of NBC, The Brothers Vert, Mike the Vike, Count Banjola, Dr. Flame-o, and even “The Prince of Puns! The Wizard of Whoopie! THE UNKNOWN COMIC!” Illustrating many of their tales is Vince Longo, the staff photographer for Chuck Barris Productions, whose camera lovingly captured every day on the set.

 "Not Gonged! Baby boomers will fondly remember the wacky late 1970s NBC daytime amateur talent show, “The Gong Show,” which was hosted and run by the legendary Chuck Barris. The fun was watching the terrible acts whose performances would immediately be halted when one of the trio panelist judges hit the gong behind them. “Gong This Book! The Uncensored History of Television’s Wildest Show” (Bear Manor Media) written by TV game show historian, and researcher for Rochester’s Strong National Museum of Play, Adam Nedeff, is a brilliant and detailed recollection.     

Nedeff interviews surviving “Gong Show” regulars Jamie Farr and Murray “The Unknown Comic” Langston, as well as acts who appeared on it. It is unfortunate Nedeff was unable to speak with the show’s most outrageous panelist, Jaye P. Morgan. And yes, Nedeff devotes plenty of pages to the pair of girls who called themselves “Got A Nickel?” They generated national attention when they sat on the stage floor licking a popsicle in a salacious manner. They were not gonged!"

--- Lloyd Carol Latino Sports Column (Gong This Book - towards the end):  https://www.latinosports.com/carrolls-column-whats-better-than-a-saturday-matinee/




Adam Nedeff is a researcher and archivist for the National Archives of Game Show History, part of the Strong National Museum of Play, in Rochester, New York. He's also worked behind the scenes on many game shows, including College Bowl, Double Dare, Idiotest, Master Minds, The Price is Right, and Wheel of Fortune. He's the author of several books about game shows, including Game Shows FAQ, Okay? Okay! Dennis James' Lifetime of Firsts, and Monty Hall: TV's Big Dealer.

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