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GHOSTS OF "GONE WITH THE WIND" by Gene Arceri (paperback)

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After the party, at the end of Gone With The Wind, the music stopped. The Civil War motion picture was over and World War II loomed ahead. The stars had gone their separate ways. This literature not only goes behind the scenes, but follows the players, like a ghost. Clark Gable's secretary spoke personally to the author, after his dreams had vanished. Vivien Leigh's heavenly love story with Laurence Olivier crashed to earth. Why? Where is her true burial place, and why is it kept secret? Interviews with surviving cast members and those involved with the production are here. After fifty years, a discovery of the personal memorabilia of the assistant director, Eric Stacey, is revealed. This book was written for collectors and fans from all over the world, the millions of moviegoers who love anything to do with their universally-beloved film. The stars written about worked hard to maintain an illusion, a facade. This story removes the mysterious and reveals the truth.

Native New Yorker Gene Arceri began his career with various theatre enterprises at the Lincoln Center and elsewhere. He now resides in San Francisco, where he is a multi-media personality. Arceri's books on Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Hayward, Betty Hutton and "Charlie of Nob Hill" have been well-received worldwide, as has his column for the past ten years for Jo Lee Magazine on the internet.

ISBN 9781593936402