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The stunning new biography from Stone Wallace!

During his lengthy show business career, George Raft achieved the reputation as one of the screen's toughest and most convincing movie mobsters. His roles in Scarface, Each Dawn I Die, Invisible Stripes, Rogue Cop and Some Like it Hot were so convincing that audiences frequently thought they were watching the genuine article.

Yet to classify Raft merely as a cinema gangster is to do him a disservice. He delivered equally strong performances in such classics as Night After Night, Bolero, Souls at Sea, Spawn of the North, They Drive by Night and Manpower, his success in these roles quickly establishing him as one of the top box office draws during the 1930s and 40s. But Raft just missed the brass ring of superstardom - due to his notorious friendships with men such as "Bugsy" Siegel and, more significantly, his famous rejections of films that his rival Humphrey Bogart turned into major triumphs: Dead End, High Sierra and The Maltese Falcon.

Written with the generous cooperation of many of Raft's friends and co-workers, George Raft: The Man Who Would Be Bogart details the fascinating life and career highs and lows of a man who created an unforgettable image - onscreen and off.

"Containing a foreword by notable film historian Alan K. Rode, Stone Wallace’s 251 page biography George Raft: The Man Who Would be Bogart (BearManor Media, 2015) is a welcome addition to material on this actor’s life and cinematic status, since the last two studies appeared in the 70s during his lifetime. This book continues the story up to his final years, where he suffered from poor health while living in reduced circumstances until his death in 1980"
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