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FEAR NO EVIL by Richard A. Ekstedt (paperback)

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Part of the Philip J. Riley Film Script series

On March 3, 1969, audiences were captivated by the television color broadcast of Fear No Evil, an intelligent, erotic, stunning motion picture from Universal MCA and NBC TV that starred Louis Jourdan, Lynda Day George, and Carroll O’Connor.

The story follows Doctor David Sorell, a psychiatrist, who investigates the story of a young tortured woman. She is bedeviled, seduced, and violated, pulled over to the lip of Hell.  How can they fight the unreal, the unseen, the unbelievable?

The first Movie of the Week, the intriguing teleplay has vanished and is forgotten by most. Author Philip J. Riley brings back the memory of this historic landmark in classic television history.

Commentary by Gary Gerani. 168 pages.

The author, Richard Ekstedt: