Equalizer: Requiem (ebook)
Equalizer: Requiem (ebook)
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Equalizer: Requiem (ebook)

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Robert McCall's friend, Granny, a one-time covert agent for a shadowy spy organization called The Company, sends McCall a cryptic message telling him that he is being imprisoned in a North Korean prison camp.  He and the other western prisoners are being tortured.


The prisoners are surrounded by dense forest from which there is no escape. McCall embarks on a perilous course to rescue his friend and the other prisoners, aided by two charismatic North Korean mercenaries. It is a suicidal mission for McCall but he has no choice to attempt it. At the same time, an old enemy of McCall has been setting up a trap for him with some handpicked mercenaries. She is the lover of a spy McCall once had to kill and her revenge on him is callous and impassioned.


At the same time, a beautiful NYPD rookie is being stalked by some vicious predators. She is partially deaf and her tormentors are rogue cops who attack her in a deserted warehouse. McCall hears her story from a tough-as-nails cop who wants to take the law into his own hands. McCall persuades him to give him a chance to bring these criminals to justice.


The action also takes place on the Rivera where more of the Memento Mori mercenaries are plotting to infiltrate several high-profile rock concerts where they are going to denotate explosive devises. McCall and his team try to stop them before hundreds of innocent people will be killed,


For McCall, it all comes to a showdown at a beautiful chateau on a lake in Russia where McCall must face his sworn enemy and rescue two people who are targeted for assassination.