Double-O Dining: A James Bond Cookbook (ebook)
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Double-O Dining: A James Bond Cookbook (ebook)

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Double-O Dining: A James Bond Cookbook


206 pages


Be James Bond in the kitchen!

Double-O Dining takes you on a culinary journey through the James Bond books and films to uncover the secrets of the food that the world’s most famous fictional spy and his companions and adversaries eat during their adventures. The book contains over 100 easy-to-follow recipes that draw on vintage cookbooks, old newspaper food columns and other historical sources to allow you to recreate and experience the flavours enjoyed by Bond. With a menu ranging from simple classics to food that represents the height of indulgence and sophistication, the cookbook contains recipes with a modern twist to suit all tastes.


“Serves up a rich and tasty concoction, with generous sides of astuteness and wit” - Andrew Lycett, author of Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond“


“An epicurean delight” - Stone Wallace, author of George Raft: The Man Who Would Be Bogart

"It's the most enjoyable book on Bond I've read for ages."
- The James Bond Dossier