Dog's Diary - Living with a Human During Covid  (audiobook)
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Dog's Diary - Living with a Human During Covid (audiobook)

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The bond between man and dog has been celebrated in poetry, song, and legend ever since the two species discovered each other around a campfire. Louie and Nat (Louie’s the dog) came together just before the Covid-19 pandemic shut people off and turned life topsy-turvy. Nat had never had a dog before and, as you’ll learn from Louie’s funny, touching, revelatory diary, Louie had never had a Nat before.

This is a day-by-day adventure in bonding for anybody who ever had a dog, is thinking about getting a dog, knows a dog owner, or knows someone who needs a dog. It has a happy ending.

Louie is a male Italian greyhound whelped in 2012. Nat Segaloff was whelped somewhat earlier and is the author of some thirty books and is Louie’s third owner. The pair dwell in Los Angeles.

All royalties from Dog’s Diary go to the Perfect Paws Pet Ministry at All Saints Episcopal Church of the North Shore in Danvers, Massachusetts.

Listen to the first chapter here