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DANCING WITH THE DEAD by Jameson Parker (paperback)

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When a classic television private detective releases another award-winning novel, people take notice. You loved Jameson Parker as half of the popular detective team of Simon & Simon (1981-1989), and you’ll also love his latest novel that springs from his life and imagination.

For Pamela and Tony, surviving in an unfamiliar world becomes more complicated than they expect. Drawn together by their need to survive, they realize the essential humanity that binds us all, and they experience a love that transcends their mutual need.

Journey into the tempestuous world of two people from vastly different backgrounds as they are swept away into a whirlpool of remarkable forces beyond their control. Will their infinite capacity to endure triumph, if only for a brief and shining moment?

“. . . Bold. Original. Profoundly moving . . . .,” writes Dan Bronson, author of Confessions of a Hollywood Nobody.

“. . . moving, harrowing, historically-accurate . . . .,” says Steve Bodio, author of Querencia, A Rage for Falcons.

About the author: Jameson Parker is best known for Women at West Point (1979), Anatomy of a Seduction (1979), The Gathering II (1979), The Promise of Love (1980), Callie and Son (1981), A Caribbean Mystery (1983), and his still-popular classic CBS series, Simon & Simon (1981-1989.) He is the “Sporting Life” columnist for Sporting Classics, the “Fine Guns” columnist for Texas Sporting Journal, and author of a critically acclaimed memoir, An Accidental Cowboy.

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