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Matt Beckoffinterviews fifteen legendary Ladies of Horror:


Carla Laemmle

Lupita Tovar


Elena Verdugo

Coleen Gray


Judith O'Dea

Karen Black

Ingrid Pitt

Jessica Harper

Marilyn Burns

Betsy Palmer

Dee Wallace

P. J. Soles



Spanning over nine decades of cinema, filled with entertaining and informative recollections and personal insights about Hollywood's best-loved horror films, and including rare and never before seen pictures. 


“There are a number of interview books currently available. The latest offering, from radio talk show how/Monster Kid Beckoff, is one of the best . . . Beckoff goes back to our roots: he opens his chat fest with Carla Laemmle (Lugosi’s Dracula)and Lupita Tovar (Spanish Dracula). Both women are an inspiration: each has reached the 100 year mark. They continue to live in their own homes and lead active lives. They have sharp memories, and speak eloquently about a long gone Hollywood whose like we’ll never see again . . . Elena Verdugo (Houseof Frankenstein) and Janet Ann Gallow (Ghost of Frankenstein) share sweet memories of Lon Chaney Jr. As with Carla and Lupita, it’s a fond look back at the Tinsel Town of our dreams . . .


Beckoff also talks to scream queens of the 50s and 60s and 70s. Colleen Gray, who enjoyed along career in various big studio films, recalls working with legends as Tyrone Power and John Wayne, until The Wasp Woman made her a cinema immortal in her own right. Hammer’s Ingrid Pitt is not afraid to speak up as she laughs about her reputation for appearing nude. Marilyn Burns of The Texas ChainsawMassacre offers insight into the games struggling young actors must play inorder to obtain roles . . . In all, Beckoff chats with 15 elegant, eloquent women. That the author is also a fan and a knowledgeable film historian adds a great deal of depth to these wonderful, intimate conversations. Many of these ladies have spoken up elsewhere, but Confessions of a Scream Queen offers a look inside their souls that other authors couldn’t capture.”

Scary Monsters Magazine

"Irreverent Hammer goddess Ingrid Pitt amuses with her giddy comments on appearing nude, while PJ Soles (Carrie, Halloween) tells some fascinating behind the scenes stories regarding Method actress Sissy Spacek's work ethic. The interviews flow like the friendly, lighthearted conversations they clearly were. Actor and interviewer seem to have had a great time talking to each other; their readers are invited to join the party. Nothing teaches us more about film history than the words and recollections of those who were actually there. Beckoff does a superb job in making us feel as though we were on those film sets with these legendary ladies."
- Videoscope