Catholic Girl: The Life and Times of Mabel Normand (ebook)
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Catholic Girl: The Life and Times of Mabel Normand (ebook)

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Catholic Girl: The Life and Times of Mabel Normand

by Sean Crose



There was no one like her. A self-taught performer who redefined screen comedy, Mabel Normand rose from a humble background to become one of the most popular and wealthy entertainers on earth. Here was a woman who did her own stunts, directed, and mentored Charlie Chaplin (who was older than she), associated with royalty, and who ran her own studio before the age of 30. And all at a time when women weren’t allowed to vote. Unfortunately, Normand’s enormously influential life has at times been overshadowed by scandals and unfair accusations. Her legacy deserves better. Here’s the incredible story of a true Hollywood pioneer. 


Sean Crose is part of the English Department at Post University and is a senior writer for Boxing Insider. Throughout the course of his career, he’s interviewed more people than he cares to remember, from famous boxers, to film directors, to medical professionals, to individuals at the forefront of the business world. Crose has also penned historical pieces for various publications. His writing has received attention from such outlets as the BBC and The Nonprofit Quarterly. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Jen, and Charlie the Cat. 

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