Carrots – True Confessions of a Hollywood Sex Addict (paperback)
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Carrots – True Confessions of a Hollywood Sex Addict (paperback)

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 ISBN 9781629339658

"Carrots chronicles Dan Harary's simple but lifelong challenge: How to navigate his desire and pursuit of alluring women while attempting to overcome crippling shyness and self-doubt. Weave into that mix: a series of childhood traumas; a long battle with depression; a troubled marriage; a wacky theory he was cursed in a past life; a powerful sex addiction; and an endless series of 'really bad dates. 'As a Clinical Sexologist who's known him since 1984, I can attest that Dan's brutal honesty will leave the reader pondering: 'How on Earth was he able to accomplish so much with so many self-imposed obstacles standing in his way?"'


- Dr. Ava Cadell, Certified Love Coach,

& Clinical Sexologist & Founder of





Born and raised in Asbury Park, New Jersey, Dan Harary has been working as an entertainment industry publicist in Hollywood for over 40 years. As the founder of The Asbury PR Agency in Beverly Hills, CA, Dan often found himself standing side-by-side dozens of the 20th Century's most famous movie, TV, pop and rock music stars. As a teenager between 1972-74, Dan was the stage manager and lighting director for The Sunshine Inn, where Bruce Springsteen began his career. After graduating from Boston University's School of Communications, Dan's career path included in-house positions with Columbia Pictures, the American Film Institute, the Playboy Channel, Columbia Pictures Television, and two of Hollywood's most prominent entertainment PR agencies. Dan launched his own Asbury PR Agency in 1996. Long divorced and the father of two adult children, Dan has dated virtually every single woman in Southern California who owns a cat. Dan is highly allergic to cats.