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BURLESQUE: A LIVING HISTORY by Jane Briggeman (paperback)

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Join the journey; discover burlesque
when it was part of a larger theatrical
world filled with dance, comedy, and
live music. Burlesque: A Living History,
captures the spirit of this unique art
form through hundreds of photographs
and stories from many who were a part
of America's most colorful past.

This book highlights the careers and
contributions of selected artists-many
of whom were the nuts and bolts of
burlesque. It also acknowledges just
some of the young performers of today
who are diligently working to remember
the days of old.

When burlesque theatres and clubs went
dark, a whole world went dark with
them. This book is a journey to preserve
just some of the history and memories
of those who worked on a variety of
those burlesque stages.

Review in the Sun Prairie Star Online

Article in the New Jersey Star-Ledger

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