Budget Biomorphs: The Making of The Guyver Films (hardback)
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Budget Biomorphs: The Making of The Guyver Films (hardback)

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Budget Biomorphs: The Making of The Guyver Films

by Dom O’Brien


402 pages

6x9 size 

ISBN 9798887713021


What’s a Guyver? What’s a Zoanoid? And what is a crew of young, relatively new filmmakers to do with a niche licensed property from Japan? For the first time, author Dom O’Brien delves deep into the Guyver film archives to get detailed insights from the talented cast and crew and explore what it took to make The Guyver and Guyver: Dark Hero.

It is a tale about a ragtag group of friends and filmmakers who, through creative experimentation, ingenuity, and persistence, would overcome low budgets and numerous challenges to make a duo of cult classics that continue to inspire a new generation of filmmakers and fans more than 30 years on.

Budget Biomorphs: The Making of The Guyver Films includes:

Over 200 photos ranging from never-before-seen images, rare production sketches, design concepts, and deleted scenes.

Over 40 interviews from key members of the cast and crew, including Screaming Mad George, Brian Yuzna, Steve Wang, Ted Smith, and Wyatt Weed.

Plus, a foreword by actor/screenwriter David Hayter and an afterword by the co-director of The Guyver and director of Guyver: Dark Hero, Steve Wang.